Joining the blogging world!

Well I decided it was time to follow the rest of the world and create a blog.  With our family being spread all over the country this is a great way to keep people up to date with the exciting things happening with our family!

The past two months have been a whirlwind for us.  We moved, our precious little girl Savannah was born on January 6, and Dustin deployed overseas (yuck!!!!!!).  Keeping my head on straight is difficult some days because of all the mixed emotions.

Dustin and I try to talk as often as possible while he is gone.  This is proving to be one of the most difficult things we have ever had to go through.  Dustin has done this twice before, however, for me it’s brand new!  I try to stay strong, and most days I succeed!  But let me tell you, the days I don’t…are very tough!  Soon Dustin will be home again and our little family will be complete once again!

Savannah has been such a blessing in our lives and we can’t believe how complete she seems to make our family!  Everything about being a parent is what people say: tough, rewarding, and the most amazing experience you will ever have!   I look forward to everything we have in store for us as parents!

Mom had surgery on Monday, so Savannah and I are staying with her to help her during the healing process!  Savannah loves to hang out with Grandma and the nurses said that is the best medicine in the world…let’s hope they’re right!

Well, enough for today.  Have a great night!

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